Tempo Prequisites

  • conda

    • We use conda to provide reproducible environments for saving pipelines and also running demos.

  • rclone

    • We use rclone to upload and download model artifacts to a wide range of storage systems.

  • ansible

    • We use ansible to provide reproducible Kubernetes environments for the demos.

Examples Conda Environment

We have created a conda environment to run all examples provided.

To create the environment run:

conda env create --name tempo-examples --file conda/tempo-examples.yaml

Docker Runtime Prerequisites

Install Docker to run with the Docker runtime.

Kubernetes Runtime Prequisites

We provide a set of Ansible playbooks to create reproducible Kubernetes clusters with Kind for the demos.

These playbooks depend on Ansible roles that we publish in SeldonIO/ansible-k8s-collection repository.

To obtain required ansible tools:

pip install ansible openshift
ansible-galaxy collection install git+https://github.com/SeldonIO/ansible-k8s-collection.git,v0.2.0

Kubernetes Cluster with Seldon Core

To create a Kind cluster with istio, Seldon-Core and Minio run:

cd ansible
ansible-playbook playbooks/seldon_core.yaml

Next Step

Create the tempo-examples conda environment and try the introductory example